This share house have set the house rules in order to be able to have a comfortable life everyday.Shared space(toilet, shower room, kitchen,corridor, living room and so on) need to be cleaned after you use them so that the rest of the house members can use them comfortably.The share house life requires each of your concerns. Keep the rules and have a happy share house life!

▼How to dispose garbage
Please follow the guidelines “procedures for sorting and disposing garbage” by
Suginami ward. (see attachment)
When you throw away bottles,cans,plastic bottles and plastic containers, please
rinse them with water in advance.
Please do not throw away kitchen garbage directly to trush cans. It will cause smells
and insects. Please use plastic bag and then put it in to trush cans.

▼Use of common areas
【Common space】
Such as toilet,bath rooms, Kitchen, corridor or living room should be cleaned by the person who mess up.
The basic rule is to check and clean after you use common space.
Please do not leave your shoes at the entrance.
Please use shoe box or take them to your private room if you have many shoes.
When toilet paper runs out, take new one and set it to the holder. Please care
about the next person.
Please confirm whether any dirt is not left when you finish using the toilet.
Please keep it clean for the next person.
The mailbox is shared by all members. Please check the mailbox regularly and take the mails out then put them in the
appointed place so that receiver can notice it. Please throw away unnecessary flyers. If you take newspapers, please do not
leave the old ones.
Please make sure you wash up all the equipments you use after cooking in the
Please do not leave kitchen garbage in the sink. Kitchen garbage should be
thrown away in a plastic bag every time you use.
Please clean the drainer after you use.
After you wash up dishes, please do not leave them in a basket for a long time.
Please put them back to the cupboard as soon as they are dry. Please make
sure to clean all the oil dirt on a gas range.
Please use fixed space arranged by us. Other free spaces, please do not occupy by one person but share with everyone.
Please throw away out-of-date foods.
Foods with strong smells are asked to put them in containers with lids.
【Shower room】
Please clean the room and remove the hair in a drainer after you use.
Keep turning on the ventilation fan all the time.
Dry your feet after taking a shower and please do not wet the dressing room.
Using bathtub is prohibited.
【Washing machine】
When you finish using the washing machine, take out your laundry immediately. If there is a
laundry left in the machine, it may be taken out by other house members.
Every time when you finish using, please remove cotton garbage in the dustpan net (see
picture) and throw it in the trash can.

▼Private belongings in common space
Please do not leave your personal belongings in the common space such as in living room, kitchen, toilet, bathroom, corridor
or entrance.
【Yellow card system】
The house keeper will post a “Yellow card” on the stuff which is considered to be left unattended at the common space
without any permission. If that stuff kept left out after one week, the house keeper may dispose it without permission of the
owner. However, if the house keeper considers the stuff can be a threat or can really annoy others, the house keeper may
dispose it immediately without permission of the owner.
Yellow card will be issued when there is a violation, harassment or annoying acts happen. Two yellow cards became RED
CARD which means you may asked to leave the house.

▼Private room and dormitory
Please clean the private space by yourself. Feel free to use shared equipment such as vacuum cleaner or dust cloths.
Do not make loud voice and noise. Please always consider about neighborhood.

▼Friends and family visit
Your friends and family are welcome to visit but please follow the rules below.
Please let other house members know in advance by emails or using whiteboard.
If you want to use kitchen or living room for a long time, please get a permission of other members.
Please avoid having guests after 6pm because it may cause trouble to the neighborhood.
DO NOT tell the entrance password to your guests even if they are your family due to our security reason.
It is forbidden to leave your guests alone in the house. If you leave the house, please take your guests with you.

▼Friends and Family’s accommodation
If you live in a private room, you can let your guest to stay 1or 2 days. However, opposite sex is prohibited.
If you live in a dormitory, you cannot let visitor to stay.

The house keeper regularly changes the entrance password. It is announced via email.
When you open the windows of the house, don’t forget to close when you leave. The person who opens it should close it with

▼When you go out
When you go out, turn off all the lights or air-conditioners in the house.
Cost of utilities is included in common service fee. If the cost exceeds our first assumption, we may have to review the
common service fee and may raise the price.
Please cooperate with energy saving.

▼Prohibited manner
①Smoking is prohibited at anytime throughout the house and around the entrance.
②No pets.
③Inviting friends after 6pm and making big noise, listening to music and watching TV with loud volume are strictly prohibited.
④Please do not absolutely annoying acts such as that and noise act of leaving things on the road near the house.
⑤Using firearms is prohibited in this house.
⑥Any acts that other house member may get annoyed are prohibited such as solicitation to join a religion or political
Rule violations, harassment, if not seen improvement in the guidance may be issued a yellow card.
Becomes a red card in the two yellow cards, will be immediately dismissed.
be careful.
※ serious nuisance, rule violations may also be asked to leave immediately.
Please follow the rule, and let’s make a pleasant share house!

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